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Learning Can Be Fun!

Watch fun videos that teach you everything from Math to Science to Spanish!

Then play our quizzes that let you earn Gold.

Gold is cool because you can buy castles, furniture and artwork, and clothes for your avatar!

Run Your Own Shop

Did you know you can design clothes, furniture, and artwork on Clever Dragons?

Even better: Become an entrepreneur and sell your creations in your shop to other members!

The best shops are featured on every member's community page.

Make a Video

Learn from the popular Crafty Girls (they are members of our sister site "Always Icecream") how you can make great videos.

And make sure to check out the creations of other Clever Dragons members too.

Do you love to write?

Become an author for the Clever Dragons Weekly!

Each week you can submit a short story, a poem, a chapter of a book, or one of our other cool types of articles.

Other boys can read your article and you will also earn valuable Gold!

Wait, There's More

Pets are fun! Feed, dress and cuddle your pets, and babysit your friends' pets.
Race others by answering questions as fast as you can - and earn Gold!
Everyone gets a cute, jumpy egg on Clever Dragons. If you take care of it, it will turn into a dragon!

Make Friends!

Make friends and share your stories with other boys.

This is an advanced feature - your parents need to activate this if they want you to interact with other members on the site.

Try It Free for 10 Days!

You don't need a credit card to try out Clever Dragons, but you need one of your parents to help you set up the account.

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