A wholesome learning experience for boys
Smart fun for kids
Online learning you can trust
Clever Dragons offers so much more than a traditional learning website. Boys not only learn and practice academic skills, they also create artwork, write for the site newspaper, and even run their own business! Check out the video to learn more.
Learning that works
Ideal for homeschoolers!
From our renowned geography games, to math puzzles, to challenging quizzes, to audio language learning, to the nurturing Dragon Egg environment, there are many choices to supplement your child’s curriculum. Homeschooling through a charter? We work with schools every day as an approved vendor and would be delighted to work with yours!
Soar the skies on dragons
Boys learn as they race
Is your learner motivated by friendly competition? Dragon Race Track lets learners choose their dragon and their learning game, then compete against a computer opponent or another Clever Dragon, earning coins for their team and Gold for themselves.
You're always in control
Choose subjects, set grade levels
Want to see your child’s latest learning progress or the artwork he's created? Would you like to reward him for chores or music practice? Or configure his learning to include our expanding set of Biblical Studies? It’s all in your parent account, included at no charge.
Premium parent upgrade
A digital dashboard for power users
Teaching at home and in need of more? Upgrade to premium for assessments, progress tracking, and reporting. Choose from hundreds of assessments and drill down to see exactly what your learner understands and where he needs more review.

Why you can trust us

Clever Dragons has been built by experts

Clever Dragon's founders were educated at Stanford University, MIT and other leading institutions.

They are joined by a large team of teachers, special needs experts, homeschooling parents, and award-winning software developers.

The result: Clever Dragons offers a more interactive and creative experience than any other educational site!

The Clever Dragons team has built educational websites and apps for more than a decade.

More than 100,000 children have enjoyed learning on these sites. Over one million of Clever Dragon's educational apps have been downloaded in the App Store.

Check out what our members say about us below!

What people say about us
Find out why parents and their sons love Clever Dragons!
I am extremely impressed with Always Icecream and Clever Dragons. Both children are learning and excited about what they are learning. This program is definitely a keeper. Thank you so much for making learning fun for our family!
I have not seen a program similar to this. This has everything and then some. It covers Math, Language Arts, Geography, History, as well as Typing. He can even learn a variety of other languages. The price was very reasonable.
It is a fantastic site, my 9 year old son enjoys it...I haven't found a site like this. This is ad-free, its monitored, its bright and colorful and fun. ... I bought the lifetime membership.
My boys are learning so much with this program. They learned all 50 states in a month. Now working on capitals and Europe. I have been trying to get them to learn through various methods to no luck, until Clever Dragons.
We L-O-V-E ♥ LOVE this site...
so much so that our son even offered to pay for his membership!!
We have a lifetime membership and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 4 children (2 boys on Clever Dragons, 2 girls on Always Icecream).
I purchased the Lifetime membership for Always Icecream and Clever Dragons. Both of my school-aged children love these programs. They log on to the sites every day and love earning the rewards. I love that they are "playing" while learning!
Smartest investment we ever made. Thank you!
My kids can't wait to get their turn to play games to earn gold so they can take care of their pets. Not only are they learning from the games, but they are learning responsibility by taking care of their pets.
After their allotted 30 minutes...she (age 6) understood how to tell time and he (9) did a fist pump when he earned his first diamond. Honestly, it was adorable and so nice to be able to allow them time to explore sites with appropriate content throughout.
We've just signed up and it is fantastic! I have a girl on Always Icecream as well. I have to tell them to stop because its past bedtime. My boy is more enthusiastic for the learning activities than he's been on anything else this year. Highly recommend!
My 10 year old tried it out today. He loves it and we will be signing him up!!
My son loves Clever Dragons!! We have been members for about a year. The lessons are very entertaining and keep my 10 yr old interested. That is very hard to do as he has ADHD. I have always liked the lessons myself too.
My kids love to play Always Icecream and Clever Dragons and are learning so much without even realizing it. They beg to do it each day as a reward when their other school work is finished.
I have 5th grade twin boys that I homeschool and we have been using Clever Dragons for over a year and it's easy to use, sends great parent updates, my sons enjoy the content, the socialization and have learned to navigate safely online.
My 10 year old son enjoys the games on Clever Dragons and is currently learning to type! I recommend it to anyone who wants to supplement their school day with fun.
I have 3 boys and purchased Clever Dragons for them. I'm always wanting computer games that have some educational value along with moral values for them to play. The materials change enough to keep a continued interest.
My two boys joined Clever Dragons just over a year ago. They are 8 and 10 years of age. They really love this program. There are always new games being added. I just added the Parent Premium and love it.
We bought Clever Dragons for my boys, and they absolutely love it. My second grader now knows all of the States in the Union, and the video, castle, and pet care incentives work like magic for them. I plan on using this until the kids have maxed it out!
My 7 year old son enjoys the Clever Dragons membership. He has fun while learning and that makes me feel good about rewarding him with computer time.
I wanted a safe place for my boys to learn some computer skills, practice other skills (like math facts), and have fun. They eagerly do the "games" as if they weren't educational at all. The parental updates on each son are great.
We purchased the lifetime membership to Clever Dragons for my 8 year old son 3 1/2 months ago, and it still is a favorite destination. He likes the castle/dragon theme, and earning "gold." They send out weekly summaries of what your son has played.
My boys are having a ball and learning so much with this website. They are both reluctant readers, but each of them has improved their reading skills tremendously since they began using Clever Dragons. We all love the many options available to them.
Signed my sons (ages 7 and 9) up a few days ago. They LOVE it! I love that it covers a larger range of subjects. Most of the other sites just cover math and science.